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Senior Automation Engineer (f/m/d)

Berlin, Berlin, GermanyR&D

Job description

Climate change and biodiversity loss are accelerating and threatening the foundations of our lives. Food, especially meat, is a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions. We know it, yet all too often we give in to our cravings and choose meat instead of sustainable alternatives. And did you know: global meat consumption is growing massively!
We are convinced that irresistible pleasures, not compromise, are key to changing people’s ways. What the world needs is new food, so delicious that billions of people indulge in eating it, saving the planet as a beneficial side effect.
There’s no time to lose. Join us now and let’s build this positive future together!

Are you experienced in designing machines and processes from scratch? Do you have experience adapting machine prototypes and processes to product-specific requirements? Do you have a passion for sustainable foods and deep tech? We are looking for a passionate experienced engineer to bring our manufacturing process to the next level.

As our Senior Automation Engineer at Project Eaden, you will be responsible for developing machines and processes around our core technology to supply billions of people worldwide with the next generation of sustainable foods. You will become the driving force behind our process and future automation team. You will develop new production processes starting from fast iterated prototypes up to scalable remote controlled machines in the long run with some 100k tons of output per year. According to your experience and personal development ideas, we would love for you to lead our engineering team in the near future.

Job requirements

🛠 Your accountabilities
  • Design, continuously improve and implement machines for the production of fiber-based and plant-based meat analogs - from initial concept to serial maturity ensuring scalability in the future.

  • Continuously adapt our prototyping machines due to product requirements at light speed and manage our engineering partners efficiently.

  • Perform project management and leadership activities including project planning to ensure milestones are reached as well as enabling junior engineers.

  • Develop control systems that allow a remote control and live analysis of our process and machine parameters. 

    In the future, develop automised machines for food production together with a team of internal and external masterminds.

☯ You are a perfect fit if ...

  • … you have +5 years of experience in special machine engineering in the food, pharma, medical and or composite industry, especially with processes using extrusion or dosing systems, dryers, ovens and/or spinning equipment or composite equipment

  • … you have led small teams of internal and external engineers in your career.

  • … you would love to take on the challenge to design and construct prototype machines within weeks using simple tools and would like to transfer your process / mechanical engineering skills to food grade machine equipment.

  • … You have strong knowledge about manufacturing in highly regulated industries such as food or pharma.

💌 Why you should apply now

  1. We have just started. We can build everything from scratch without any legacy or constraints!
  2. Some of the brightest minds believe in us. We are backed by top tier VCs and awesome angels (happy to share details once we talk)
  3. The time is now! It’s the beginning of a new era. Food is undergoing a massive transformation. Let’s make sustainable food so irresistible that millions of consumers switch away from meat, fast!

🦄 A word on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe in equal opportunities for all. We embrace diversity in every respect. The most important thing is that we all share the same basic values and can align on Eaden’s purpose. We welcome applications from all suitably qualified candidates, irrespective of age, colour, national origin, race, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or marital status.

🏯 Workspace and culture

We’re about to build something massive – a gentle giant. In around two to three years’ time we’ll have an internationally distributed team, which is why everything has to work remotely. For starters, though, we strongly believe that our culture and team spirit will benefit from spending most of our time together at one workplace, our beautiful office and kitchen-laboratory.

🏇🏻 Let’s get this started! Apply now!